Managed Services


We can help operate your applications

ITConcepts helps you operate and use your software products. The operations support, or managed service, is tailored to your needs, because we know that every customer´s workflows and software usage are slightly different.

Our Service Levels

In order to provide you the service you need, we have developed three levels of operations support that cover a variety of standards and needs. We provide support for operational issues ranging from simple vacation replacements to complete administration.
Your ITConcepts operations support will be defined for a fixed period of time. During this period, ITConcepts operations engineers can work either remotely or on-site, depending on the needs of the customer.

Operations Support

Conducting daily tasks and checks, like job queue monitoring; helping to identify error situations (synchronization issues, frozen processes recovery); and working with problems and service requests that are related to operations support questions.

Operations Support

Support for scheduling existing tasks and reports; support during error situations and recovery; process analysis; handling change requests; creating notifications based on defined templates and workflows; creating, editing or removing the system or general user accounts, or simply transferring them; creating role assignments based on predefined roles.

Operations Support

Help during troubleshooting; handling and resolving issues within the scope of operating the software product; developing new report designs based on provided report definitions using the report designer; test runs and activation of reports with report manager software; support for developing and activating workflows based on existing definitions; support for developing compliance management rules based on predefined regulations; resolving ITConcepts solution error messages by deploying a permanent solution (fix) from ITConcepts.


Support / Operations

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